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Living the life in a single family home

People striking out on their own need space and privacy. The traditional choice is renting an apartment, where one can have living space without facing maintenance issues.

But this has its downside. Apartment dwellers are subject to their landlord’s changing demands on rent, length of stay, etc. Next-door neighbors can limit your privacy and encroach on your space. Since the place is somebody else’s, renovating it to suit your needs and wants is not possible.

That’s why a single-family house is a better option.

Why a single-family home is ideal

The term is loosely used to any housing structure that sits on its own parcel of land.

Whether it’s a modest bungalow or a sprawling mansion, a single family home is an ideal choice for first-time homeowners.

It gives occupants a lot of leeway to do as they please with the space. This priceless privilege makes single family homes worth every cent you put in it.

Here are a few more advantages of a single family home:

  • You get space and privacy
    You need not confine your activities within the house. You can hold barbecues and let the children and the family pet play in the yard as well. The space is yours and yours alone. You need not worry about nosy neighbors and other threats to your privacy.
  • You can change things up as you please 
    You may repaint a wall, expand the garden, add a bedroom and change the house’s interiors all you want. A homeowner’s association may exist, but most of them don’t mind whatever it is you want to do with your property.
  • You can have your own yard
    A yard of your own gives you instant space to pursue activities apartment dwellers can’t do. It gives you freedom to follow your heart’s desire about starting a small garden, having extra space for exercise, or whatever. The list is as long as you want it to be.
  • You can expand
    You can expand the living room, bedroom, and kitchen to adjust to your changing lifestyle. You can also add a garage, porch, and new floor all together.
  • You enjoy higher resale value
    A single family home usually has a higher resale value than other properties. This makes it a good investment and hedge against changing fortunes.