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No other place in the country can match Georgia in terms of historic appeal and diversity.

You can see it in the Peach State’s historic estates, longstanding traditions, and tight-knit communities along tree-lined streets that evoke a romantic and almost fairy-tale like atmosphere.

Where else can you spend a balmy evening walking on cobblestone paths restored from decades past?

And as a high-growth state, Georgia abounds with opportunities. It is no wonder close to 100,000 people every year relocate to this wonderful place in the South.

Here are some of the best cities to live in Georgia:

  • Savannah

Found on the Georgia Coast, this city boasts a wealth of history and the most picturesque of views.

Even as it evokes the past with antebellum parks, cobblestone districts, and landmark architecture, Savannah is also an industrial center and important Atlantic seaport.

If you like old-world charm found within a thriving metropolis, Savannah is your kind of town.

  • Jesup

In Southeast Georgia, Jesup is a charming community where residents enjoy a slow and restful pace of life.

This is the place to move to if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Despite its laidback air, Jesup provides excellent education and healthcare services to its residents, as well as employment opportunities to residents.

  • Screven

Screven is a small and tight-knit community located in Wayne County.

Considered a railroad town since it was founded in 1907, Screven has a population of less than 800 residents.

It is the choice location of annual hunting and fishing activities because of extensive hunting and fishing grounds.  

Screven is also the location of a phenomenon called the Ghost Light, a mysterious bouncing ball of light seen for over a century at the town’s railroad crossing.

This is a great location for people looking to purchase acreage.

  • Hinesville

Considered as one of the fastest growing cities on the Georgia coast, Hinesville is an area of haunting beauty.

From wetlands, coastline, to urban areas, Hinesville teems with natural beauty and hidden gems that make living there a true pleasure.

This bustling seaside community engages in myriad outdoor activities – from bird watching to hunting. It’s also got historic areas such as Fort Stewart and an old jail.

Hinesville is the perfect location for people who want to live a truly exciting lifestyle in Georgia.

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