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Perfect Choice Realty is the perfect choice if you are in the market for a home, or looking to sell your property in Orlando.

It was formed by Diane Barclay with the idea of putting the customer first, or making buyers paramount.

Diane and her team won’t just put you first, they’ll also draw on their keen knowledge of the local housing scene to help you fulfill your real estate goals:
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When it comes to Orlando’s real estate market, the perfect choice is Perfect Choice Realty.

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Luxury Homes for Sale in Orlando and Orlando Real Estate

Orlando has a long-standing reputation as a mega tourist destination, thanks to its many the me parks such as Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort along with natural attractions such as Lake Eola Park , Lake Jesup’s, Black Hammock Adventures, and its close proximity to the beaches.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Orlando is the No.1 tourist destination in the country according to

More than just a mecca for theme parks and amazing adventures, Orlando is also the choice of people looking for a great place to live.

Why Orlando Attracts

Orlando’s year-round sunny weather, great diversity, and affordable housing make it one of America’s most popular cities; ranking fourth just behind Seattle, Denver, and San Diego. This is according to a Pew Research Center study.

As such, luxury estates exemplify the best of vacation living in Orlando.

From stunning amenities that include relaxing pools, spacious living areas, top-of-the-line design materials, and breathtaking views, Orlando offers the opportunity for anyone to live a luxurious life.

Best of all, some of the best luxury homes come at reasonable prices.

Homes in Rock Springs Ridge

Rock Springs Ridge is a specially designed community located in Apopka, the “Indoor Foliage Capital of the World.”

With such a beautiful natural setting, Rock Springs Ridge is the perfect address for families who want a break from the city, but desire to be within easy access to Orlando’s top attractions, just 24 miles away.

Residents get to enjoy the serene beauty of nature but also have a delightful weekend in the big city.

Homes in Windermere

Windermere is a favorite address for those who crave the peace and quiet of suburban life in Orange County.

This premiere community is surrounded by three of the Butler Chain of 11 lakes, offering:

  • Breathtaking views
  • Quaint, small-town latmosphere
  • Country-club lifestyle

The community has been the home at one time or another of celebrities like Shaquille O’Neil, Tiger Woods, and Wesley Snipes.

Homes in Heathrow

Heathrow’s convenient location makes this beautiful master-planned community a desirable address in Central Florida.

Located along Central Florida’s Interstate-4 corridor, Heathrow is easily accessible to various points of interest in the area, including:

  • Downtown Orlando
  • Sprawling vistas of Tampa

It also has amenities such as:

  • Ron Carl 18-hole golf course
  • Country club
  • Swimming pools
  • Gym

Heathrow is a wonderful community for those who value accessibility without having to compromise a beautiful location.

Homes in Nearby Cities and Communities

With such amazing communities ripe with so much real estate potential, Orlando still has plenty of nearby areas that could be the address of the perfect home for prospective buyers.

They include Oviedo, Longwood, Lake Mary, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Alaqua Lakes, Dr Phillips, and Lake Nona. to name a few.

The options are endless and the possibility unimaginable!

For a city as diverse and as thriving as Orlando, anything is truly possible.

To learn more about luxury homes in Orlando and Orlando real estate, contact Realtor® Diane Moore Barclay and her team at Perfect Choice Realty at 407-399-1548.

Luxury Homes – What Makes a True Luxury Estate?

The general opinion is straightforward.

If the property is big, outfitted with resort-like essentials such as a pool, comes landscaped, and is attached to a hefty price tag, it is a luxury property.

However, with the ever-changing market, the definition of luxury estates is shifting as well.

No longer does the phrase exclusively refer to palatial estates, soaring mansions, and apartments in high-end locations.

Redefining luxury

In its place is a wide set of parameters that redefine luxury in terms of location, amenities, architecture, living capabilities, and a myriad other factors.

This begs the question… Is your luxury property truly worth its title?

One important factor that contributes to a property’s “luxury” rating is its location.

Traditionally, any property located in what is considered to be a prominent address or ZIP code is automatically bestowed the title of “luxury home.”

For perfect examples, think of homes in Los Angeles’ famed Beverly Hills, or an apartment suite in Avenue Park Central, New York.

However, this is slowly changing.

New luxury towns

In capitals like London and Hong Kong, for example, more and more buyers, whether domestic or foreign, are slowly moving out of the usual areas associated with luxury estates.

This is largely due to the fact that the more traditional enclaves for top- end dwellings have been settled in – pricing out younger but equally affluent buyers.

This has driven developers to gentrify old neighborhoods or turn former business districts and industrial areas into new luxury towns with cutting-edge home design and refurbishments, technology-driven amenities, and a neighborhood filled with shops that mix hip and luxe.

Kowloon Island in Hong Kong is a prime example of this, as well as London’s Battersea District.

New standards of luxury

This rapid change in the real estate market has also expanded the definition of luxury real estate. No longer is it solely tied to its area or its address.

Now the following factors are coming into play:


  • Smart homes and the Internet of Things


Smart home features were once the stuff of science fiction – homes that did your bidding at the touch of a button. Today, it’s the standard. Everything in a home can be monitored or controlled: temperature, lights, security, and so on.

Higher-end homes now seamlessly integrate appliances with security systems and other electronics, which can all be controlled remotely and connected wirelessly.

The more sophisticated the integration or activation (voice controlled, for example), the more “luxurious” a home is deemed – and rightly so.

Imagine being able to check and control every aspect of your residence – even when you’re off visiting or doing business on the other side of the world.


  • Extreme practicality

How odd that the very antithesis of luxury would come into play to define the new luxury estate.

The truth however is simple: a luxury estate is still a home and as all homes go, practical use trumps everything.

This time, however, it’s practicality taken to its utmost or extreme. For example, how close is your home to the establishments you deem essential? How extensively did the developer upcycle materials, adhere to sustainable practices, employ off-grid power?


  • Lifestyle

The defining factor of a luxury estate is the answer to the following question:

How much does the property fulfill the prospective buyer’s definition of what a luxury lifestyle should be?

A piece of property should put truth to its claim of having the “best view in the city,” “resort-like amenities,” or “peaceful privacy.”  

For prospective buyers, check if the luxury home you’re eyeing offers you the lifestyle along with the features and the price tag.
Otherwise, if you feel like you’re being shortchanged when it comes to the “lifestyle side” of luxury properties, then it’s better to invest your money elsewhere.

The Best Communities in Florida

The Sunshine State has long been a top tourist destination.

As the home of some of the country’s biggest and most popular theme parks, along with stunning natural attractions ranging from beautiful beaches and interesting marshlands, Florida is a hotbed of excitement and adventure.

And now, a growing number of people are finding the true beauty of living in Florida as permanent residents.

Why? Credit Florida’s:

  • Lower cost of living
  • High employment rate
  • Friendly climate

If you’re thinking of moving to the Sunshine State, here are just some of the best communities within Florida:

Central Florida

Traditionally, this area encompasses the entire breadth of Orlando.

What was once a small, out-of –the-way town has evolved into Florida’s premier city.  Roughly the home of over  million people, Central Florida’s crowning jewel is Orlando City.

This is also the base of operations for some of the world’s largest corporate entities. From airline, soda, and entertainment, these corporations have made their mark in the cityscape and culture of the area. As such, their presence has made Central Florida, with Orlando in particular, a great place to live.

Here are some of the communities:


  • Windermere


Located in Orange County, Windermere is the perfect suburban location for prospective buyers looking for domestic bliss. Flanked by Lake Butler and Lake Down, Windermere’s location makes for great views and a vacation-like atmosphere.


  • Winter Park


Once a famous winter resort, this town has evolved into the home of many arts-and-culture festivals set in its 70 plus parks and greenways. Winter Park is the perfect location for buyers looking to own property in a sun-drenched and peaceful neighborhood.


  • Apopka


Apopka has maintained its small-town charm with tree-lined streets that make for truly serene neighborhoods – even if they’re just minutes away from exciting Orlando. This makes Apopka the perfect address for those seeking a quiet corner on the fringes of the big city.

North Florida

Known as one of the three directional areas in Florida, North Florida compromises Jacksonville, a few localities in Northeast Florida, and the Florida Panhandle.

Its primary city is Jacksonville but it identifies itself culturally with Georgia. In fact, when it comes to culture, much of North Florida is called “Old Florida.”

This is a great location for prospective buyers looking for:

    • Acreage
    • Rural areas to develop

South Florida

South Florida is the most urban of the Sunshine State and is a popular destination for beachgoers.

This area includes Miami and the Florida Keys, with heavy development along the coastline.

These areas capture the diverse landscape that makes up South Florida.

Prospective buyers can look forward to South Florida’s upscale homes and properties, including waterfront mansions, multimillion-dollar estates, and luxury condominiums.

To learn more about what Realtor® Diane Moore Barclay and her team at Perfect Choice Realty can do for you, call 407-399-1548.